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To start, I'm April. I'm an 18 year old ever-growing young woman who takes her experiences and molds them into what she is. I am not one to remain stagnant. My mind changes as much as my emotions do but I tend to keep myself in order. I am not one thing, I am many things. I have a burning desire to live a life as free as the world will let me but I feel held back by minds that aren't much like mine. I am always expanding my mind, trying new things, judging, questioning, learning, accepting. I want to go further, I want to test limits and break stigmas. But most of all, I want to be reciprocated.  
Artist: Brave Bird
Track: "Maybe You, No One Else Worth It"
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Brave Bird- Maybe You, No One Else Worth It

You were the worst thing
That ever happened to me
ou were my best friend
Accept apologies
I’m holding no grudge now
But you should know that I know where you are now
And that is too close for me



is this the last breath i will take now? 

the light still burns my bloodshot eyes 

each promise has an expiration 

i think we’ve learned this lesson one too many times 

because im sorry 

that i loved you 

before i was ready to 

theres a million better ways now 

the hindsight echoes in my mind 

but i cant go back and replace how 

i could have said goodbye 

because im sorry 

that i loved you 

before i was ready to 

im sorry that i loved you

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Artist: Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook
Track: "7"
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tonight is just enough for body heat and sad songs I sing for you what I wrote because you are the only one who would ever understand so my love just take my hand and we will scale the steepest hill and scream down at callous and mundane lives. 

save me from my room save me from my thoughts.

these are my hands and through them my soul translates into melodies. I use to touch your face and hair and now all I can feel is metal and wood.

" I like you more than I like screamo bands. "
—Daniel Torres

the opposite of a problem.

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" No, fuck you. I was worth it. "
and I’m still worth it // R.R. (via hefuckin)

Now you actually have my face in the self tag.

~-sAd bOis 2k14-~


which makes me realize emo really IS the next pop punk, they were right. it’s cool to be sad now. like a novelty. “sad boys 2k14” and all that. it’s the same stupid scene mentality as metalcore and then pop punk. and hardcore in a different way. mindless trend hopping. pretentious cutesy emoticons and “sad boi” in your tumblr description. dress the same, act the same, like the same music that’s cool to like, wear the merch that’s cool. be vegan, be straight edge, get tattoos, take selfies with a limp peace sign in front of your face, it’s so much bullshit I cannot stand sheep like that who can’t think for themselves. they have no substance or identity or personality of their own and it’s gross.

not to even mention how offensive (oh no cam is offended on tumblr) and just dumb it is to think being sad is “oh i’m a sad boy, come cuddle and kiss me and take care of me and listen to teen suicide and twiabp w/ me” like I like all of those things individually, but the way these people go about it is so mindless and such bullshit because it’s just to fit some bogus image they want. some cute skinny fragile sensitive boy. it’s supposed to be attractive or something, like a novelty or some air of superiority in the maturity of their manufactured emotions. I don’t know. I really hate it it’s so dumb. why can’t people be who they are?

am I guilty of some of this? I don’t know? I sure hope not. I like/do a lot of the things that I mentioned yeah but not to fit an image and I think that’s an important distinction. I actually like/care about the things I do and don’t do things/listen to bands/pretend to be certain ways that I don’t actually like or feel. I don’t know. the fact that I just said “oh but I ACTUALLY like those bands/things" kind of makes me an elitist scum bag so maybe I’m just as stupid as everyone else

Artist: Antpile
Track: "Your Song"
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Antpile // Your Song

RIP. 2010-2014.